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Cheap Car Hire at Riga Airport is always a possibility, provided you have the time to spend scouring the internet to locate the best deals. Alternatively, you can let us do it for you, after all, it is our only speciality, therefore, we tend to be quite good at it! As a true car rental comparison site, we know exactly what is necessary to find you the cheapest car hire prices. Our success can often lead to savings of 50%, or even more. Our aim and intention is to provide you with the very best prices for your hire car at Riga Airport. This 'search, find and recommend' service has zero cost to you and, we add nothing to the final price.  

Our database includes 30,000 car sites, provided by upwards of 800 suppliers and spread across 175 countries. At least one of these suppliers is represented at Riga Airport alternatively, you can elect to collect your rental car from another location around Riga. Our database will interpret your requirements based on the information you provide and can search up to 800 suppliers in under one minute. You will then be presented with a neat summary of the best options and, once you have selected your preference, confirming your vehicle follows a similar pattern with a simple 3 stage booking process.

As you would expect, our summarised recommendations follow a clear and unambiguous format, allowing you to quickly and easily compare the respective offers side by side. Vehicle specifications and inclusions are provided for each supplier and we even highlight any special offers available at Riga Airport, or any secondary location you may have selected. We offer cheap car hire prices without sacrificing quality, by featuring offers from a good cross-section of local, national and international rental companies, although choice can vary based on the time of year and the number of operators at the airport.

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